Our history

150-year-old saffron traditions of our family

The secret of success and quality is a century and a half traditions.

Saffron has been our family business for over 150 years.

My goal is to preserve and increase these traditions.


Mushfig Huseynov

The owner of the family farm in the fifth generation.


The tradition of saffron growing in our family goes back a century and a half.  Back in the late 80-s. of the 19-th century, my great-grandfather brought saffron bulbs from Iran to the village of Deste, Ordubad region, and tried to grow them on the plot that belonged to the family.

The further history of saffron cultivation is connected with the Absheron Peninsula. In 1927, the Zyafyaran state farm began to function in the Baku village Bilgah. In addition to Bilgah, the territory of the state farm also covered some parts of the villages Mashtagi and Shuvelyan.

Since 1959, my grandfather, Rajab Huseynov, began to grow saffron in the areas adjacent to the state farm. In Soviet times, the family farming developed in parallel with the state farm. However, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the area under crop land of the state farm was significantly reduced. There was a need for reorganization and family farming.

Later, my father, Mikail Huseynov, came up with the idea of ​​a more in-depth, professional approach to saffron production. When AZZƏFƏRAN-AZSAFFRON LLC was established, in addition to the production, harvesting and sale of saffron, the AZSAFFRON brand was developed, which is currently engaged in the production of completely new products based on saffron. Saffron tea "MIKTEA" began to be produced. A line of 7 types of tea was presented in France and then sold in pharmacies as a healing potion, and was also used in restaurants and hotels.

Wanting to instill in my children a love for our family business, so that the traditions are not interrupted, I take them to saffron plantations every year. As the director of AZZƏFƏRAN-AZSAFFRON LLC, I want to emphasize that the right approach to production and marketing will allow bringing domestic saffron to the international market.

We have brought the product to the international level so that it can be offered not only to tourists in Azerbaijan, but also actively exported to various countries of the world. Our additional goal is to help farmers and private households so that they can grow a quality product, further brand their product and bring it to large markets. To this end, we have established the Azerbaijan Saffron Growing Development Association. Over the past period, we have already been able to achieve some success in this area and are ready to help others on a gratuitous basis. With the scientific and financial support of our company a book about saffron has also been published, we plan to translate this book into different languages ​​and make it available to all those involved in saffron cultivation.

The company produces several varieties of saffron packages (by gram), each of which has its own unique visual component. In addition to food products, we also launched the cosmetic line SARA. In this direction, more than 30 items of cosmetic products are currently being developed: creams, oils, scrubs, masks, lotions, fillers, shampoos, shower gels, soaps, sprays, etc. In cosmetic products it is planned to use hyaluronic acid, collagen, snail mucin and other additives that are widely used in modern cosmetology.

In addition, we have developed a unique formula of saffron extract, which we plan to release soon. When adding the slightest dose, any liquid turns into saffron liquid. Also, we receive many offers for the joint production of saffron drinks.

Our goal is to produce the best saffron products in the world and bring it to everyone, anywhere in the world. Enormous efforts are being made for this. In addition to Absheron, there is already experience in cultivation of saffron in various regions of Azerbaijan, for example, in Barda and Fizuli. Plans for the near future include plantations in the de-occupied territories of Karabakh.

I am sure that, working hand in hand with our partners, we will be able to achieve our goals and turn saffron into the golden brand of Azerbaijan.