Our company carries out its activities in accordance with all the requirements accepted in the world in the field of production, storage and sale of products based on various spices. This is recognized by both our partners and numerous customers.
What is the secret of producing such high-quality products? The answer is simple:
• We use only selected saffron grown in Azerbaijan;
• All goods are re-selected, after which only these samples are used in production;
• Selected samples of saffron are sent to laboratories in Europe, and only after receiving a certificate of high quality indicators are they used in production;
• Saffron is produced, dried and processed according to world standards;
• All storage standards for saffron are observed (away from sources of moisture, light, etc.) so that its chemical composition does not change and saffron retains its beneficial properties;
• The means of packaging used are specially made in accordance with the standards so that the quality of the product does not deteriorate further (special glass, hermetic stoppers, etc.).
All of the above makes the goods produced by the company attractive to customers who note the excellent quality and benefits of the products we provide.