Information about the founders of the company

Mushvig Huseynov
Owner and CEO

Our goal is to produce the best saffron products in the world and bring it to everyone, anywhere in the world. Enormous efforts are being made for this. In addition to Absheron, there is already experience in cultivation of saffron in various regions of Azerbaijan, for example, in Barda and Fuzuli. Plans for the near future include plantations in the de-occupied territories of Karabakh.

Rajab Huseynov
Author of the idea

Our first family member to organize the sale of saffron. In 1959, Rajab Huseynov began cultivating saffron in the fields near the state farm "Saffron".

Mikayil Huseynov

Mikail Huseynov, came up with the idea of ​​a more in-depth, professional approach to saffron production. When AZZEFERAN-AZSAFFRON LLC was established, in addition to the production, harvesting and sale of saffron, the AZSAFFRON brand was developed, which is currently engaged in the production of completely new products based on saffron.