Saffron 11 gr

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Azerbaijan Saffron is a leader among medicinal plants for its potency. It has been used since ancient times in the treatment of a number of diseases, as well as as a general and immune-boosting, mood-improving tool. In ancient times, saffron was widely used in eye diseases. In modern times, this plant is included in some eye drops. Saffron has strong bactericidal properties, as well as a positive effect on heart pain, cancer, inflammation of the kidneys and liver, convulsions, gastrointestinal diseases. Saffron increases the body's resistance, the smell has a calming effect, eliminates nervous weakness, reduces pain in the gums, strengthens teeth. It has a good effect on colds, relieves cough and lowers fever. Saffron, which has antispasmodic properties, reduces headaches and pain during menstruation. Saffron also has a positive effect against the herpes virus.